Flow chemistry

We offer a variety of products useful for flow chemistry, including automated synthesizers and reactors.

© DFC-Device for Flow Chemistry
© DFC-Device for Flow Chemistry

What is Flow Chemistry?

Flow chemistry involves reactions that are run continuously in a fluid, achieving high yields and selectivity and enabling efficient synthesis. Flow chemistry is an integral part of pharmaceutical synthesis or synthetic organic chemistry.

Comparison with conventional synthesis

Conventional organic synthesis
Next-generation organic synthesis

In contrast to conventional organic synthesis in which multiple solutions are placed in a vessel to undergo processes such as temperature control and stirring, this approach newly uses microfluidic channels made of microfabricated glass or stainless steel through which solutions flow for synthesis.

Three Advantages of Flow Chemistry

  1. Precise temperature control

    Increased specific surface area accelerates heat exchange.

  2. High-speed mixing

    Short diffusion distance enables high-speed mixing and uniform reaction.

  3. Easy control of reaction time

    Residence time for which a solution remains in the reactor is controllable by regulating the flow rate.

Product Information

Automated synthesizer


This automated synthesizer for drug discovery research can automatically synthesize multiple small-volume samples for up to 100 experiments. Ideal for pharmaceutical seed discovery.


The introductory video will familiarize you with the product system.

Optim Flow, an automated small-volume, multi-sample flow synthesizer for drug discovery research


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